10 Best Comforters Review – The Ultimate Guide for Getting the Best Comforters

Best Comforters ReviewA good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining good health. And while many people put great focus on the bed and mattress, a good comforter is just as essential for a good night’s rest. Best comforters do more than providing you with the needed warmth while asleep, they are also a form of décor used create a relaxing ambiance for the bedroom.

Getting the best comforters first requires you to understand your comfort needs as well as quality standards which will then help you choose specific characteristics like fill type and power, down type and thread count.

Best comforters are generally categorized depending on the insulating materials used as fill. There are two main types of fill; down and alternative down. The material used will determine the weight and fluffiness of a comforter. Down fillings are obtained from the undercoat of birds and include goose down and duck down. Alternative down fill, on the other hand, are a mix of synthetic fibers made obtained from materials such as cotton, wool or polyester.

1. Chezmoi Collection – White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

If you are conscious of buying classic and high-class beddings, then the Chemzoi Collection Goose Down Comforter (white) is the best comforter for you. Designed using a box stitching approach to avoid shifting, the piped edges coupled with four corner tabs for anchoring the duvet cover enhance the uniqueness of the comforter.

Enjoy warmth year in year out: The Chemzoi Collection Goose Down Comforter is 100% purely made of hypo-allergenic free poly fiber material to ensure that you do not develop allergic reactions by using the comforter. This no-feathers comforter has an ultra-thin construction that makes it fairly lightweight as compared to other comforters.

Product details: This hypoallergenic down comforter is designed to provide great warmth and softness for everyday use all year round. The best thing about the comforter is that the down material is evenly distributed all over the converter for uniformity in warmth provision while covering yourself with the comforter. This very fluffy and cozy comforter is ideal for use in areas that experience extreme cold as it helps in cutting heating costs by a great margin.

The key features of the comforter are such as:

  • Queen size (measures 88 inches by 88 inches).
  •  Easy to wash (gentle cycle machine wash with cold water recommended).
  • High quality down material.
  • Unique design, make and style.
  • Allergy free.

2. Queen Comforter Duvet Insert White – Best Comforters For 2017

The Queen Down Comforter is a plush siliconized fiberfill comforter with a box stitched design. This crisp looking and classy comforter comes with 350gsm filling materials and piped edges that create an elegant box style that prevents any shifting of the fill. This compact size comforter is designed for queen size beds.

Classic and exclusive comforter: The ultra-plush Queen Down Comforter has a hypo-allergenic barrier that provides protection against mites, dust, mildew and mold.

You need not worry about cleaning the comforter as it by gently cycle wash in a machine wash with cold water and sun-dried without any damage to the down material in the comforter.

The Queen Down Comforter has outstanding features that include:

  • Box stitch construction.
  • Soft luxury bedding.
  • Affordable.
  • Compact size (88 inches by 88 inches).
  • Durable hypoallergenic materials.
  • Elegant tailoring hence its outstanding shape.

3. Natural Comfort – White Down Alternative Comforter

If you are looking for a high-quality comforter with an embossed microfiber shell for natural comfort, then the Natural Comfort Down Alternative Comforter is the ultimate comforter for you. This very soft and easy care comforter comes with 100% polyester material. This comforter is used in high-class accommodation facilities such as presidential suites due to its unparalleled elegance, uniqueness, and luxury.

Why you should buy the Natural Comfort Down Alternative Comforter: The Natural Comfort Down Alternative Comforter is specially designed for an extremely soft feel when covering yourself with this warmth-rich comforter. The light-weighted alternative comforter with a micro-fiber down material is machine washable, looks great on all beds, and is easy to take care of. Unlike other comforters, this natural comfort comforter comes with 3D poly fillings that are neatly stitched to ensure that there is no movement of the fillings.

Pros of the Natural Comfort Down Comforter: If you have an extra-large bed, then this is the ideal comforter for you. The outer shell of the comforter is not only attractive but also has a white-on-white pattern that creates a rustic look. Overall, the comforter is a great purchase and has a comfortably warm feeling when sleeping under it.

Features of the comforter:

  • Lightweight.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Box stitch construction for even filling distribution.
  • Machine washable.
  • Safe as it is allergy free.
  • Luxurious. 

4. KingLinen® White Down  – Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert Twin XL

The King Linen Down Alternative Comforter is a fully polyester comforter measuring 68” by 90”. This 100% Down comforter is machine washable using cold water and tumble dry low thus making easy to clean and maintain it in the best condition possible. The soft and plush comforter provides excellent warmth all year round and has a gentle touch & feel due to its unique softness.

Wonderful Comforter: If you want a wonderfully looking comforter but not overly fluffy, then this is the comforter for you. The best thing about this comforter is that it has a compact thickness thus making it ideal for use in all weathers. The dimensions of the comforter are spot on in that it fits perfectly in most beds leaving enough room on all sides of the bed.

Ideal for everyday use: King Linen Down Alternative Comforter is an everyday use comforter with over 210-thread-count stitching for ultimate softness. This beautiful comforter is styled to add taste and class to your bedroom. The nice and fluffy feel of the comforter makes it uniquely comfortable.

The key features of the comforter are such as:

  • Box stitching that prevents shifting of fillings
  • Comfortable, extremely soft and uniquely warm
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic polyester down fillings
  • High quality.

5. All Season (Down) – Alternative King Comforter-White 

If you are looking for a perfect fit down comforter, then you need to look no further than at All Season (Down) Alternative King Comforter. Measuring 108 inches by 90 inches, this king size comforter is made from microfiber down material. Since the comforter has hypoallergenic materials, it provides great allergy relief for people who suffer from down allergies.

Superior Quality: The All Season (Down) Alternative King Comforter allows you to enjoy a restful sleep with its expertly tailored and styled design. Ideally, this comforter is a great addition to the décor of any bedroom as it enhances a luxurious and homey feeling in the bedroom.

Long-lasting and modern: The All Season (Down) Alternative King Comforter is resistant to damaging effects such as bacteria, dust, and mites thus making it very durable and long-lasting. With proper care and cleaning, the comforter can remain in pristine condition for years without developing any defects.

The key features of the comforter are such as:

  • Baffle box construction
  • 100 Oz down polyester fillings
  • Perfect fit for king size beds (108” by 90”)
  • Even feel and touch since there is no fill shifting
  • Hypoallergenic and allergy-free materials.

6. Royal Hotel’s – King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter

This great comforter lets you enjoy the comfort of down without hurting your pockets. The Royal Hotel’s luxurious comforter combines soft Egyptian cotton with soft down alternative fill for improved and healthy comfort. Keeping it clean is very easy and its durability makes it worth every penny.

Quality: The comforter features a baffle wall box construction design that prevents the filling from constant shifting and a 1-inch side gusset for maximum warmth.

Thanks to the construction, it is difficult to rip the comforter even when it is being cleaned in the washing machine. It has a fill power of above 750 and fills weight of 86 oz.

Warmth and Comfort: This comforter provides medium warmth making it ideal for use in cold and slightly warm climates. The cotton shell makes it soft against the skin, allowing you have a good night’s rest with minimal distraction.

Main Features:

  • Has a variety of sizes to choose from which include Queen, King, Oversize Queen, Oversize King and Twin/Twin XL.
  • It is only available in solid white and is machine washable.
  • The Royal Hotel Comforter has a 300 thread count of Egyptian cotton shell and 100% goose down alternative fill.
  • Its hypo-allergenic making it ideal for those with allergies but still want to enjoy the luxury of down comforters

7. Egyptian Bedding (1200 Thread Count) – King 1200TC-Siberian Down Comforter

If you want to use the kind of comforters used in high-class hotels and elegant suites, then the Egyptian Bedding (1200 Thread Count) King 1200TC-Goose Down Comforter is the best comforter to purchase. Exclusively woven to 1200 threads/square inch, this luxurious is crafted from a rare type of cotton- Long Staple Gizza grown in Egypt’s Nile River Valley.

Pros of using the comforter: The goose down comforter is unique in that it is specifically designed to provide medium warmth throughout the year. This hypo-allergenic and allergy free comforter provides an amazing cover at night with its compact 106 by 90 inches size. Additionally, its large size makes it ideal for queen size beds as well as other extra-large bed sizes.

Product description: Designed with a baffle box construction, the down material in the Egyptian Bedding (1200 Thread Count) King 1200TC-Siberian Down Comforter is evenly distributed for uniformity in providing warmth at night. The opulence, comfort, and high quality set the comforter in a class of its own; way better than other comforters.

Outstanding features of the comforter include:

  • 750+ Fill Power
  • Made from hand-harvested white cotton
  • Luxurious (1200TC) Egyptian cotton cover
  • 50 Oz fill capacity
  • Safe for use as its allergy-free.

8. Luxurious (1200) Thread Count – Goose Down Comforter

If you are looking for a luxurious comforter for ultimate comfort all year-round. The Luxurious (1200) Thread Count-Goose down Comforter comes in a well-designed beautiful zippered package. The comforter has a channel construction for the best comfort. The 1200 TC comforter is warm and soft and measures 90 by 90 inches for excellent cover while sleeping.

Enjoy toasty warmth: For starters, the Luxurious (1200) Thread Count-Goose down Comforter is a 100% down comforter (no feathers). It has an incredible style that makes it appear thinner than other comforters thereby enhancing a quality feel to the comforter.

Product information: The 1200 TC comforter has 100% genuine Egyptian Cotton Cover that creates a rich and luxurious feeling coupled with unique opulence for everyday use. The channel construction of the comforter ensures that there is an even distribution of the down throughout the comforter. With this fine comforter, you will greatly reduce your home’s heating costs as it is effective in providing sufficient warmth at night in all weathers.

Main features:

  •  Queen size (90 by 90 inches)
  • 750+ Fill Power
  • 50 Oz Fill Capacity
  • Allergy Free
  • Superior quality down material
  • Great value for your money due to its excellent design, style and make.

9. California – King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter

This comforter is only available at ROYAL HOTEL’ who guarantee of its originality. It offers the ultimate luxury with a quality fill power and fill weight of goose down. Its generous size ensures no hogging for those sharing a bed, ensuring a good night’s rest for all.

Comfort and Warmth: The goose down is enclosed within 100% Egyptian cotton which enhances its comfort to give you a cloud-like feel every night. The California Siberian Goose Down Comforter also features a baffle box design that minimizes shifting within the comforter and a side gusset construction for improved warmth. And you need not worry about the changes in weather as this comforter guarantees medium warmth levels throughout the year.

Quality: Since the best comforters feature two of the best construction designs and combines use of high quality materials, users can be confident that it can stand up to the task without any threat of premature damage or wear. From the general view it is well put together to provide absolute value.

Main Features of California – King Size:

  • The king size comforter measures 106 x 90 inches.
  • Has a fill power of over 750 and fill weight of 60 oz. hand harvested white 100% goose down.
  • The California King Size Comforter is allergy free and only requires dry cleaning.
  • Features quality construction types; baffle box design and side gusset.
  • It is covered by 500 Thread count Egyptian cotton

10. Eddie Bauer Striped Damask 700 – Fill Power Cotton Goose Down Comforter

The search for lightweight comforter for use during summer or by hot sleepers ends here. The Eddie Bauer comforter is light and fluffy to provide the needed comfort even in hot weather. It has an overall thickness of 2 inches which gives its lightweight comfort.

Quality: This comforter features striped damask cotton with 350 thread count. This gives it a soft feeling that is comfortable to the skin even in warm or hot weather. The cotton is hypoallergenic meaning even those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies can comfortably use it. To help let out excess heat is the Sewn Through construction.

Care and Maintenance: Caring for the comforter is made easy since the comforter is suitable for cleaning and drying using a machine. Users can have peace of mind that the comforter will not lose shape or be destroyed in any way.

Main features of the comforter include:

  • Cleaning the comforter is easy as it is machine washable and machine dryable.
  • Comes with Rest Assured Hypoallergenic filling.
  • Features a fill power of 700 made from white goose down.
  • It is manufactured by DOWNLITE who is also the only reputable seller.
  • Comforter is made in the USA with American and imported materials.
  • It is rated the best comforter for summer and hot sleepers.

What to Consider Before Buying a Comforter

  • Design: The design of the comforter simply refers to its composition and how its various functions and features are put together to help it achieve its purpose. The best comforters are ranked depending on the fill power, fill material as well as weave and thread count. The higher the fill, weave and thread count the better the insulating power and fluffiness as well as the quality.
  • Sizing and Weight: The size of your mattress and bed will determine the appropriate comforter size. Many comforters come in twin, double or full, queen and king sizes. It is advisable to buy a comforter that is a size larger that the mattress to do away with hogging in the middle of the night. A larger size also drapes nicely on the bed hiding the sides when a bed skirt is missing. On the other hand, the ideal; comforter weight will be determined by the weather season you intend to use it in. lightweight comforters are ideal for warmer climates while heavier ones work best in cooler climates.
  • Construction: Bed comforters use various types of construction which include baffle box, box stitch, gusset, diamond quilted, ring stitch, and karo step. However, the best comforters use baffle box and box stitch construction. Baffle box enables down to expand to create maximum cushioning while box stitch eliminates shifting of the fill.
  • Care and Maintenance: It is good to choose a comforter that will be easy for you to care for and maintain. Most comforters are machine or hand washed depending on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. For comforters with a thread count of 400 or more, dry-clean maintenance will be enough. Spot cleaning can also be done when the comforter is not so dirty. To restore the fluffiness of a comforter, shake it out vigorously and put it in the dryer on a low setting for about 5 minutes.
  • Accessories: Are there any additional items that come with the comforter? This may include pillowcases or duvet covers. Buying a best comforters with any these accessories gives you better value and will also make it easy to match up your bedroom décor.
  • Budget: Pick a comforter that is within your budget range but be careful not to compromise on quality. Conduct a market assessment on the various options you have within the set budget and then settle for the one that offers the highest value in regards to durability and available features.