Chezmoi Collection White Goose – Best Down Comforter Review 

Chezmoi Collection White Goose best down comforter review

Goose down has been synonymous with luxury for centuries, and this comforter shows why. With its pristine white hue and super soft and comfortable feel, this White Goose Down Alternative Comforter from Chezmoi Collection is great for using all year round.

Designed to fit a double bed, it is a sumptuous comforter that will fit in perfectly with any master bedroom. If you are used to a duck down comforter, then choosing this product will demonstrate exactly why goose down is widely acknowledged to be superior.

Feature of the Chezmoi Collection Comforter

Below, you will find an in-depth review of the key features of the Chezmoi Collection  White Goose Best Down Comforter Review.

  • Hypoallergenic: This comforter is 100% hypoallergenic, so ideal for people with allergies who do not want their sleep disturbed. This is because it is made from allergy free poly fibers.
  • Stays in place: This comforter is equipped with piped edging and four corner tabs, both of which ensure that it will stay in place all through the night. In addition, it has box stitching which also prevents it from shifting around. No matter how much you wriggle around in bed, you will wake up to find that the comforter is still in position!
  • Great for a double bed: The comforter is Queen size (or ‘full size’) and so it is great for a double bed. When spread over the bed, there will be plenty of duvets left for draping either side. The dimensions of the comforter are 88″ by 88″, however, there are larger sizes available should you require them.
  • Machine washable: This comforter can be washed in the washing machine, though of course, it can also be dry cleaned. After washing, it simply needs to be shaken a little or smoothed a little with your hands to ensure that the goose down does not clump together in the middle (a natural property of authentic down comforters). This is not difficult to do at all, and, once dry, the goose down will regain its natural fluffiness so it will be as good as new.
  • Super soft: Last but not least – one of the main selling points of this comforter is the fact that it is extremely soft. This is due to the use of high-quality goose down inside. The comforter is also pretty lightweight, so it can be used throughout the year. And, as it is durable and carefully stitched, using it day in and day out will not readily lead to any wear and tear.

Product benefits:
  •  Very soft.
  •  Stays in position throughout the night.
  •  Easy to clean.
  •  Hypoallergenic.
  •  Sizeable enough for a double bed.

The negative things:
  • May need to be taken to a professional laundry if your own washing machine is not large enough to accommodate it.
  •  Will need to be washed carefully either alone or strictly with only other white garments to preserve the pristine white hue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the comforter be dry cleaned as well as machine washed? And are there any specific washing tips for the comforter?

Yes. The fibers and the goose down will both be perfectly fine at the dry cleaner’s, though dry cleaning may work out pricier than machine washing. Full washing instructions are provided with the comforter. However, the key thing to remember is that it ought to be washed in cold water. A delicate detergent is best for preserving the natural softness and fluffiness of the goose down.

Does this comforter come in various sizes?

Yes, it can be bought in either Queen or King Size. The King Size comforter is the largest and it is great for extra-large double beds. The Queen Size comforter (88″ by 88″ as mentioned above) can be used on single or regular double beds.

The Final Verdict:

This is a wonderfully luxurious comforter that will make your bed look very inviting. Warm and soft without being too heavy, it can be used throughout the year to keep you nice and comfortable as you sleep. Because this comforter is hypoallergenic, it will be a smart choice for anyone who has found that they have allergies to linen or duvets in the past. For more comforter review, check this post 

In addition, this is a very convenient comforter to add to your stock of duvets and linen because it can be machine washed with ease.

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